MQS-4 Waterproof Micro Switch Ordering Guide
Series Electrical rating Location Pin Terminal Type Lever Type Contact Plating Version
MQS-41 1= 2A/12VDC,SPDT A = Side A, 1.5mm A=Angled PCB pins, side A See the catalog Ag=Sliver Alloy 01:Standard Version
MQS-42 2= 10mA/12VDC,SPDT B = Side B, 1.5mm B=Angled PCB pins, side B Custom-made:03,04,etc.
MQS-43: second molding with wire 3= 0.1A/250VAC,SPDT C = Both Sides, 1.5mm C=Straight PCB pins
4= 2A/12VDC,SPST-NO D = Side A, 2.5mm D=Straight crimped PCB pins
5= 10mA/12VDC,SPST-NO E = Side B, 2.5mm E=Solder terminal
6= 0.1A/250VAC,SPST-NO F = Both Sides, 2.5mm F=Terminal B
7= 2A/12VDC,SPST-NC G = Side A,5mm H=Angled Solder terminal,Side B
8= 10mA/12VDC,SPST-NC H = Side B, 5mm J=Interlock terminal,side A
9= 0.1A/250VAC,SPST-NC J = Both Sides, 5mm K= Interlock terminal,side B
N = No Position Pin M=Short Interlock terminal,side B
M=Side A, 2.5mm+Side B(single), 0.8mm P=Soder-free Clamping terminal
W=Wires Specification: eg.W1,W2,W3,etc
Series Actuation Side IP Protection Terminals Side IP Protection Operation Force Operation Position
MQS-41 IP 67 IP00 50 – 150 gf 6.15±0.3mm
MQS-42 IP 67 IP 00 50 – 200 gf 9.40±0.3mm
MQS-43 IP 67 IP 67 50 – 200 gf9 9.40±0.3mm
Electrical rating 2A/12VDC, 40T85, 100000 cycles
2A/24VDC, 40T85, 50000 cycles
10mA/12VDC, 40T85, 250000 cycles
0.1mA/250VAC, 40T85, 50000 cycles
0.5mA/250VAC, 40T85, 10000 cycles
Mechanical Life 1,000,000 cycles
Contact Resistance 50mΩ Max. (initial)
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ Min.
Dielectric Strength 500VAC for 60 ± 5 sec.
Housing UL94 V-0
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