Project Description

micro switch spdt-1 micro switch spdt-1
micro switch spdt-2 micro switch spdt-2
micro switch spdt-3 micro switch spdt-3
micro switch spdt-4 micro switch spdt-4
micro switch spdt-5 micro switch spdt-5

Short Description

This model is a miniature micro switch with IP67 waterproof level and PCB terminals. More than electrical 250000 cycles.

  • MQS-6 series micro switch

  • Product name: MQS-621NC00-A2

  • Product applications: multi-function telephones, large-scale mixers, household gas appliances, washing machines, dishwashers and other smart homes; new energy vehicle charging guns, car air conditioning controllers, car door locks, car sensors and other automotive markets.


Details Description

PCB Waterproof Miniature Micro Switch


Model No. MQS-621NC00-A2
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Rating 10~50mA 12~24VDC (ENEC, CQC)  250,000 cycles Min.
Mechanical Life 500,000 cycles Min.
Insulation Resistance 100ΩM Min.
Dielectric Strength 500VAC for 60 ± 5 sec.
Housing UL 94HB Thermoplastic
Contact Silver
Operation Force (OP) 150gf Max.
Release Force (RP) 20gf Min.
Over- Travel (OT) 1.3mm Min.
Movement-Differential (DT) 0.3mm Max.
Operation Position (OP) 10.2±0.3 mm
Total TP (TTP) 3.45±0.20 mm
Free Position(FP) 4.10mm Max.

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