Whats the micro switch?


The microswitch also called micro switch which is an electric switch that is operated by a physical operating force on the actuator to change the situation of the circuit situation. It is combined by the actuator also called plunger, lever, Cover, Case, terminals or wires, contacts, movable plate, spring, and so on. But the micro switches also have many different kinds, such as the sizes, electrical parameters, and fucntions.

Besides, company choose this small electronic components also concern their brands because the brand can react to the product quality, price, and service. Now, the world-renowned brands are Honeywell, Omron, Alps, Cherry, Marquardt, Burgess, and Toneluck.

Among of them, the Honeywell is from the United States since 1906. Omron(since 1933) & Alps (since 1948)are from Japan. The Cherry (since 1953) and Marquardt(since 1925) are from Germany. While Burgess is from Switzerland since 1989 and Toneluck is from China since 1976.

The Micro Switch Function

The are many functions can list here but to sum them up, it has 2.

Control the circuit’s “on” and“off”.

Limit Position:  For example, when a microswitch used in a vending machine, it will be installed near the motor to limit the wheel moving position. The same function like that will also happen in some automatic clothes hanger, Intelligent kitchen, pushrod, and so on.

Signalization: On the other hand, the switch also can be used as a signal to tell the user the machine’s situation. For example, a small switch in a car charging port cover prevents the car from moving when the car is charging. I mean when the cover opens, the signal will in the display screen to remind the driver.

Safety Switch: Let’s talk about the safety seat to explain the safety switch. In some vehicle’s seats of the driver, the car will not move when no one on it or the driver has not worn a seatbelt.

Switching The Circuit

This function aways happen in the DPDT type of switch. It can change the circuit situation from one to another.

What are the features of the snap action switch?

  1. The snap action switch have the waterproof and non-waterproof features for buyer options. Which is depended on the requirement of application.
  2. However, the explosionproofbecome more and more popular becasuse some refrigerator compressor have the requirement of it.
  3. High temperature, for most of snap switch the working temperature is from -40℃ to 125 ℃, but some machine need a higher level. So the switch can work in 150 even 180 ℃ have been produced. Besides, the current and voltage are the same.

The application of the micro switch

Because the features and function of the micro switch, it has a wide range use in most of electrical products.

  • Firstly, for household appliances, such as the microwave oven, coffee maker, water dispenser, electric cooker, water heater, air conditioner, refrigerator, and son.
  • Secondly,  the switch can use in seat safety belts, door locking systems, recharging covers, braking systems, etc in the vehicles.
  • Thirdly, the recreation equipment also uses the snap switch. Like the arcade game, pinball game, clip doll machine, vending machine, and so on.
  • For the production tools and equipment, including the electric screwdriver, nail gun, automatic production line.
  • What’s more, the gardening tool also has a wide application for microswitch. Such as the cropper, sprinkler, electric saw, snow shoveling machine, and so on.

All in all the microswitch has quite a wide application in most tools and device. Click here to see more