Today’s cars, especially self-driving cars, have more computing power than ordinary fighter jets. A large number of electronic components are used in the engine, transmission system, chassis, body system, comfort system, active safety system and driving assistance system of a car. The value of electronic parts is as high as 30% of the total production cost of the car.

In the automotive electronic components, micro switches are not the most expensive components, but they play an indispensable role in the electronic unit, so they are of vital importance to the composition of all items. Huida micro switch MQS-42 waterproof series micro switch is designed for applications that need to sense the presence or absence of objects. For customers who need to exchange solutions to meet performance and design expectations, Huida Micro Switch MQS-4 series provides a perfect product configuration.

1. Huida micro switch MQS-4 series: the waterproof grade is IP67. It is also commonly used in automotive applications due to its sealing capabilities and quick installation options.

2, Huida micro switches can be customized: a variety of actuators, terminals, wire connections, operation and electrical characteristics lead to thousands of potential configurations.

3. Huida micro switches are reliable and safe: they have repeatability and consistent performance under a series of conditions, exceeding the requirements of UL and other organizations.

4. Huida micro switches are also environmentally friendly-able to operate under harsh environmental conditions (MQS-4 series sealing grade is IP67).

The main functions and advantages of TONELUCK Huida Micro Switch

1. The size of the switch is small, and most light-weight switches are suitable for many potential applications, such as automobiles, home appliances, industrial equipment, etc.

2. Choosing the electrical level of low energy consumption or rated power allows the switch to be specified in more types of applications.

-Wide rated current range ( MQS-4 micro switch 2/0.1A0.5/0.1/10mA )

-wide rated voltage range ( MQS-4 micro switch 12/24VDC 250V )

-Environmental temperature resistance ( MQS-4 micro switch 40T8 5)

-The waterproof IP67 seal provided on some lists allows the switch to be used where sealing and presence/absence detection is required.

-UL, CUL, ENEC and CE certification

What are the wide applications of TONELUCK Huida micro switches?

For example, for applications that require pre-wired sealed on/off switches.

Medical-medical and hospital beds, pedal controls and chair lifts.

Industry-electrical appliances, communication equipment, computers, electromechanical timers, mechanical cam components (timers), office equipment, power tools, HVAC wall controllers, meters, valves, vending machines.

Transportation-wiring harness for cars, trucks and ships; sub-components of convertible roof; tailgate/luggage lock module.

TONELUCK Huida micro switch can provide flexible, high-quality solutions to assist the design of electronic units. We have a variety of different switch technologies, so designers and engineers can design and manufacture the cars they want.

TONELUCK high-quality micro switch can extend the service life of the application. Toneluck utilizes more than 40 years of switch R&D and manufacturing experience and a complete in-house production supply chain to provide OEMs with various automotive control switches and control components with reliable quality assurance and optimal cost performance.

TONELUCK is a micro switch manufacturer specialized in R&D, production and sales. Huida has strong technical, production and management capabilities. Many products have passed multiple technical certifications, and the product quality is guaranteed. Huida Microswitch The switch is worth buying with confidence. Welcome to negotiate and purchase TOTELUCK Huida switch, consultation hotline: 13510098397 (same number on WeChat)