The paper shredder is composed of a set of rotating blades, paper combs and drive motors. The paper is fed in between the biting blades and is divided into many small pieces of paper to achieve the purpose of confidentiality. The shredding method refers to the shape of the paper after being shredded by a shredder after being processed by a shredder. According to the composition method of the paper shredder, the existing shredding methods include: shredded, granular, segmented, foamed, striped, threaded, etc.

The micro switch is a safety device for the paper inlet of the paper shredder. It includes a machine cover and three micro switches fixedly installed on the machine cover. It is characterized in that a sliding type is provided between the machine cover and the three micro switches. Security control agency. Once a child’s finger or an excessive amount of paper is inserted into the paper inlet of the shredder, the safety control structure will act, and the micro switch connected to it will operate. The power supply of the main unit will be cut off and the machine will stop working, thus avoiding the risk of children’s fingers being cut It happened.

Another type of micro switch for paper shredders is provided with a switch configuration hole on the top surface of the paper shredder corresponding to the paper shredder device. The switch configuration hole is provided with a switch switch button and a touch device linked by the switch switch button. The touch device is free The end corresponds to a micro switch, the switch switch button moves in conjunction with the touch device and protrudes into the paper opening of the paper shredder device. The paper is inserted into the paper opening and touches the free end of the touch device to make the micro switch open the paper shredder. The device performs the paper shredding action, and when the switch switch button is switched, the touch device retracts and moves away from the paper holding opening, so that the micro switch is in a power-off state to eject the paper without jamming or being broken or deformed.

With the development of paper shredders, today paper shredders can be divided into: hand-cranked paper shredders, desktop paper shredders, small personal/home shredders, medium-sized office paper shredders, and large office paper shredders. Kind. Then we talk about the use and maintenance of the paper shredder.

1. The knives in the machine are precise and sharp. Please pay attention when using them. Do not roll the corners of your clothes, neckties, hair, etc. into the paper inlet to avoid accidental damage.

2. After the shredder bucket is full, please remove it in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine.

3. Do not put scraps of cloth, plastic, tape, hard metal, etc.

4. In order to prolong the life of the machine, the amount of shredded paper each time should be less than the maximum amount of shredded paper specified by the machine. For machines that shred CDs, disks, and credit cards, please do not put them into the machine without authorization.

5. To clean the casing of the machine, please cut off the power first, and wipe with a soft cloth moistened with detergent or soft soapy water. Do not let the solution enter the machine. Do not use bleach, gasoline or thin liquid to scrub.

6. Do not let sharp objects touch the shell, so as not to affect the appearance of the machine.

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