Club Car Accelerator Microswitch

The micro switches are utilized at the accelerator pedal to give a signal to the solenoid that you have actually dispirited the pedal as well as prepare to move forward. For the electrical golf cart, the solenoid sends out power to the controller to relocate the car. On the other hand, for the gas golf cart, the solenoid sends power to the starter/generator to start rotating the engine.   The Micro Switch additionally provides a function as part of the forward and also reverse direction selector turn on several golf carts club cars.    In the application of club car, the microswitches can be worked to supply a signal to indicate which direction the button remains in or to trigger a reverse buzzer.

Club car accelerator microswitch

Golf Cart Needs The Micro Switch. But What are they? 

So we need to know what micro switch will be used in electric cars? Generally, it needs a roller lever and SPDT type. Meanwhile, the current may have a different range. Such as the 10A or 16 A max, but the big current can cover most of the design. So, this time we recommend is the 16A.

Besides, the switch should have the certification of UL, CUL, ENEC, CQC.

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